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Welcome to the Machines of Love and War


The sound of Machines of Love and War is a product of both digital and analog equipment and manipulation. It's based on sound painting and layering, creating layers of tracks that weave in and out to build the right atmosphere.

I've been doing this since the early 80s, influenced by early electronica bands like Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark and Ultravox. And before then Brian Eno andTangerine Dream. Eno was the master in creating a sound space, combining different tones to create sound paintings, that's what it's all about for me, painting with sound. Eno is still a font of inspiration for me.

As a visual artist I'm trying to combine my visual sense with the musical. I guess still it's painting with sound. What separates me from the other laptop style musicians, in a way, is that I driven by hooks and melody still. I like Beauty and structure in a song and I believe Melody is the first thing that people can remember from that first listen.